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brother sisterHere’s what parents, and health and wellness professionals, are saying about Your Child’s Health & Wellness Record and the companion Document Organizer:


organizer“We repeatedly emphasize to parents the importance of keeping good records for their child, and keeping those records well-organized and accessible. This is a wonderful resource to help parents be, and remain, prepared for their child’s expected and unexpected health and treatment needs.”
– Exceptional Parent Magazine ( Pennsylvania, USA)


“This journal recognizes that children today receive treatment from a vast array of health professionals, from physicians and naturopaths, to speech therapists, chiropractors and others.”
– Canadian Living Magazine ( Toronto, Canada)


“Amidst such busy lifestyles, many parents struggle with organization, but certain things are too important to lose track of. This book is perfect for (parents) trying to stay on top of things, allowing all relevant information to be stored neatly in one easy to manage place”
– Stacy DeBroff; Author, Founder and President of Mom Central Inc. ( Massachusetts, USA)


“This is beautifully designed, very well written, easy to use, practical, and touches on key information that all parents and professionals need to know.”
– Nancy D. Wiseman; Author, Founder and President of First Signs Inc. ( Maine, USA)


“This amazing book is a must have for any parent. I was impressed with the depth of content and there is a place for virtually everything a parent needs!”
– Early On Michigan ( Michigan, USA)


Your Child’s Health & Wellness Record is filled with loads of information from pregnancy all thoughout childhood! What a great way to keep all the important health related information in one place. I can never keep track of all the illnesses and physician visits that happen with my kids. With this child’s health journal I can now say … I can!”
– Britt Raposo; Founder and president of CanadianMomsOnline.com (Calgary, Canada)


“As a new mom I appreciate how supportive and easy-to-use Your Child’s Health & Wellness Record is. I love having health information all in one place!”
– Sarah J.; parent of newborn (Phoenix, Arizona)


“I can’t wait to give Your Child’s Health & Wellness Record as gifts. I just wish I had this when my kids were young. It would have been such a wonderful way to chronicle their beginnings.”
– Diana Nielander; Executive Director of National Lekotek Center (Chicago, USA)


“In this day and age of family doctor shortage and Walk-In Clinic care, sometimes the responsibility for documenting the illnesses of children falls on parents. As a specialist who makes surgical decisions regarding the health care of children, I can never have too much information. This book provides a superb opportunity for parents and their doctors to share this important, reliable medical history in a well-organized fashion.”
– Dr. R. Ballagh ; Ears, Nose, Throat Specialist (Barrie, Canada)