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asian girlWhat is Your Child’s Health & Wellness Record?

Your Child’s Health & Wellness Record is an award winning gift-quality health journal for parents to record health, wellness and educational information for their child. Written by an R.N., BSN, photographer, and mother of three, it is suitable for children that are developing typically and for those with complex health issues. It truly is the health journal for every child!

Who should use Your Child’s Health & Wellness Record?

Your Child’s Health & Wellness Record is perfect for expectant and experienced parents alike. The ideal time to start is in pregnancy as this health journal will get you off to the perfect start in managing your child’s health and wellness. However, even parents with older children will benefit from using it and can simply fill in past information then continue going forward. It has been written for children who are developing typically and for those with very complex health issues. It is essential for preemies, multiples and those with complex health issues such as a developmental delay, asthma, autism, ADHD, cerebral palsy, diabetes, a learning disability or cancer.

What is the Document Organizer and how does it differ from the health journal?

These are two separate, but complimentary items. Your Child’s Health & Wellness Record is the health journal component and includes helpful information such as a detailed chart for tracking developmental milestones. The companion Document Organizer is a customizable 3-ring binder for managing reports, assessments, resource information, and even report cards. They are sold separately and are designed to be used one health journal per child and one binder per family. However, you can certainly choose to use one and not the other if that suits your needs best. Discounts are available when you order more than one item (see PRODUCTS page). Both the health journal and the binder are beautiful and contain gorgeous black and white photographs of children, all taken by the author.

Is it complicated to use?

No! It is simple, practical and takes minutes to fill in following a childhood health or educational event. It is guaranteed to simplify the task of managing your child’s health and wellness and your child will receive better healthcare as a result! The health journal is designed to be used one per child. This is because each child will experience unique health and wellness events and will appreciate having a record of his or her own when they enter into adulthood. The Document Organizer is designed to be used one per family and it is easily customized to manage more than one child.

What is unique about Your Child’s Health & Wellness Record?

This health journal recognizes that children today can receive treatment from a wide range of health and wellness professionals. It includes sections for a wide variety of health professionals, such as physicians and medical specialists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, speech therapists, naturopaths etc. Your Child’s Health & Wellness Record does not contain any health related advice. Rather, the focus is on what information is important to record, and why; how to communicate with health professionals so your concerns are taken seriously; and how to advocate for your child in a collaborative way. Another unique feature is the removable Current Health & Wellness Information section. With this section you can leave vital information with family and caregivers without sharing all of your child’s entire health journal. This is perfect in emergency situations when you need a quick overview of your child’s health situation.

I don’t live in Canada where Your Child’s Health & Wellness Record , and the companion Document Organizer are written. Can I still use it?

Yes. They are written in English and were created so they are suitable for many counties. Some terms may differ slightly between countries but these will not affect their usefulness.