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Are you pregnant?
Do you have a baby or young child?
Are you looking for the perfect baby gift?

Or perhaps…
Has your child been diagnosed with an illness or condition?
Do you see your child’s doctor more often than your best friend?

If so, you are in the right place and need to read on. Welcome to …


As parents, we treasure and record so many of our children’s important milestones, planning to share these with them as they grow. These include their first smile, first haircut, going to preschool and their friendships. One area parents are less likely to track and record … their health and wellness. We may be intimidated or not understand why this information is important. Developmental milestone lists may be confusing and difficult to understand. Often we assume that our team of health professionals is managing this information, so why do I have to?

Here’s why…

Children whose parents are informed, organized and comfortable advocating for them receive the best healthcare!

Is this fair? No. Is it true? You bet. As an RN, BScN, photographer and mother of three I learned this early on. I also know first hand how difficult it can to be truly in charge of your family’s health and wellness. As parents, we are not taught these skills, and they certainly don’t come naturally for most people. I can guarantee you that using a tool such as Your Child’s Health & Wellness Record, and the companion Document Organizer, will make a difference in the care your baby or child receives.

This is true for children who are developing typically,
and is absolutely essential for preemies and
children who have been diagnosed with any illness or condition!

One of the most important elements of managing your child’s health and wellness is maintaining complete and accurate records. As parents we never expect our children to become ill or to have developmental issues. When they do, we think we will be able to remember all of the details. Most often we don’t, and the result could be that you don’t make the best use of available resources. If you are like most parents, important details end up on scrap paper scattered about, if it is even written down in the first place. Organizing health information is easy to do and has far ranging implications for your child. For example:

• Decisions can be made quickly, and accurately, in an emergency.
• Patterns of illnesses and developmental delays can be identified, and acted on,
• Parents are less likely to be told to ‘wait and see’
• Concerns tend to be taken more seriously
• Parents can have knowledgeable discussions with practitioners
• Parents and practitioners are more likely to set goals and to follow-up on them
• There is less chance for potentially disastrous errors
• Your child will receive better care

Give your child the gift of information!

Keeping track of health details is not difficult once you have a system established and know what information is important. Using a tool, such as Your Child’s Health & Wellness Record, and the companion Document Organizer, will get you on the right track and prompts you on what to record.

Health professionals will appreciate it,
and you can be confident knowing that
your child is receiving the best care possible!

This childhood health journal does not contain any medical related advice. Rather, the focus is on providing parents with support and guidance in communicating with health professionals so that your concerns are taken seriously; learning how to be a positive advocate for you child; and what information is important to record and why. Think of it as the friend that provides support and guidance as you manage your child’s health and wellness.

I wish you well in your journey.

Karen Melnick